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Mould Design

High Performance in Chocolate

Invest to save - agathon is the leading manufacturer of chocolate moulds for large-scale industrial production worldwide. In addition to producing chocolate moulds from food-grade plastics, agathon is also a competent system partner for all of the major chocolate manufacturers globally as well the key moulding line manufacturers. From product development to the design and production of the mould; agathon delivers rapid, tailor-made solutions first time, every time. And this makes us more than just an efficient partner.
„Quality is not an act, it is a habit.“

agathons innovative approach

agathon has more than 65 years experience in producing chocolate moulds, accompanied by an extensive knowledge of the industry. With the Chocolate Design Center (CDC), agathon created in 2010 a platform for rapid concept development, always with a view to technical and production feasibility. The CDC also supports customers with online workshops to discuss the design by all parties, such as marketing experts, project managers or packaging specialists. Inhouse workshops benefit from agathon’s facilities, including our chocolate kitchen and the speedy production of sample cavities.

Chocovisions was founded in 2015 and aligned with agathon’s capabilites for technological advancements in the chocolate mould industry. The core business of Chocovisions is the development of creative products, processes and technical concepts for our customers. For agathon, Chocovisions acts as Inhouse Innovation Management to support efficient solutions for tools and processes. The synergies between the newly formed Chocovisions department, the CDC and agathon greatly enhance the effectiveness and competency as a whole and strengthens agathon’s systematic and customer friendly approach.
  • More than 65 years experience
  • Team of 150 qualified specialists
  • Inhouse Innovation Department
  • Inhouse Design Center
  • Quality oriented culture
  • Certified supplier
  • Environmental responsibility

Innovative Technologies and Processes

High Quality Mould Production

High Quality Mould Production


Creative Chocolate Design

„You can recognize a really good idea by the fact that its implementation seems impossible in the first place.“
Albert Einstein

Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership for our customers is always the focus of our involvement. Innovative overall projects minimise downtime and maximise the use of your production capacity. Recent examples using RFID, FEA calculations, mould-flow analysis, simulations of mechanical influences on production and fatigue durability studies with field tests show that we consider your processes as a whole.

Total cost of ownership
Manufacturing competency

Manufacturing competency

agathon, for more than half a century, has been synonymous with chocolate moulds of the very highest quality that are best in class, using the power of innovation and state-of-the-art technology. Read more of our ambitions for the future, production methods, testing and quality assurance procedures on the following pages. Quality made by agathon.

Read more of our ambitions for the future, our state-of-the-art technologies, production methods, testing and quality assurance procedures that we use to ensure that agathon quality is second to none.

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