Production process

Precision and cutting edge technologies

Our moulds excel by the highest quality and will play a decisive role in the increased efficiency of your production – we design moulds for highly complex items and keep the focus on your production processes.

These moulds are produced following rigorously defined manufacturing procedures and subject to systematic process controls, ensured by a precision working team using cutting edge equipment and technologies. The highly qualified staff in our Chocolate Design Center is composed of designers and modellers, as well as development and manufacturing engineers and production experts.
Production process
  • CDC

    Freeform design

    We create items virtually on computers together with you in our Chocolate Design Center. Sensory creation of 3D models is enabled by a cutting-edge computer-assisted modelling system.Naturally, this type of product development requires utmost precision and artistic talent.

    After the design has been completed, the data record is converted into files for CAD, optimised by engineers and handed over to our HSC milling centre for prototyping.

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  • Modelmaking

    Milling and fine-tuning the prototype

    The CAD files of the model created in the CDC constitute the basis of your first prototype mould and already show extremely accurate volume and dimensional detail of the final item.
    These special sample moulds resulting from exact finishing of the model are used as basis of decision-making for your product development, marketing and production. Upon your approval our designers will start developing the corresponding injection moulds for our tool making.

  • Engineering

    Development of the mould and tools


    Mouldflow simulations allow us to optimise production and improve mould quality. Every mould is simulated before production which aids positioning of the injection points for a better moulding and ventilation process. Potential weld lines can be identified and prevented before mass production. Any stresses during the injection processes can easily be identified and removed, thereby eliminating any design weaknesses.


    agathon makes extensive use of the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to calculate and foresee any issues prior to mould production. FEA calculations simulate and visualise peak loads during production of chcocolate products, for example during twist demoulding of the chocolate products. Other stresses like pressure or bending can be applied as well.

    The results of the analysis highlight the possible maximum stresses for the mould, uncovering any weak points during design and development, allowing any alterations to be achieved in the shortest time. Secondly, FEA analysis help us optimise the disposition of the ribs on the reverse of the mould, further improving the design.

  • Tool Shop I: Tool plugs

    Eroding the negative mould

    The converted milling file data constitutes the basis of our highly precise electrode manufacturing. The subsequent eroding process ensures an exact matrix that makes possible the later forging process of the brass tool elements. Finest nuances and radiuses of the positive mould are ensured thanks to the highly exact electrical discharge recessing process and are represented in the negative mould – all this for the sake of highest surface quality.


    To manufacture the shaped tooling elements, agathon uses sophisticated forging techniques. Brass blanks are heated to several hundred degrees and then pressed into the matrix using a pressure of 300 tons to ensure the highest homogenous structure, shape and surface quality under constant pressure distribution. During this procedure we also apply your desired surface finish – from high-gloss through satin matt and textured effects. This ensures highest precision and surface quality of the final chocolate mould.

  • Tool Shop II: Mother tool assembly


    After hand-finishing the forged tool elements, the injection mould tool is completed. The so-called design parts are fixed on the base support and accurate to the hundredth of a millimetre.

  • Moulding

    Producing the polycarbonate moulds

    Our chocolate moulds are produced from the best polycarbonates on six modern injection moulding machines. During this process, an exact, continuous process control is key. Durability and good function of the chocolate moulds are ensured through a special runner system – our moulds are produced completely with no remedial flattening process required. This ensures a low-stress mould that stays flat throughout its life regardless of operating conditions.

    Production of the full mould set only commences after thorough quality control checks for dimensional and flatness tolerances of the first off production moulds.

  • Ennoblement

    Enhancing the capabilities

    The manufactured moulds have a high quality standard. With agathons specific knowledge in datagathering with RFID and dataloggers, we elevate the possibilites of your moulds. Total manufacturing transparency - with all your important production parameters - becomes a reality.

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  • Quality Check

    Quality is our priority

    agathon‘s strict quality control monitors the quality of the moulds with respect to

    • accurate dimensions
    • surface condition
    • stability and deflection
    • structure of the moulds
    • mechanical influences from your production (among other things, vibration frequency and intensity of demoulding).

    The moulds will be approved for delivery to the customer only after all parameters have been met or exceeded. For further information, see the separate part “agathon’s Quality Approach“.

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